All NORD-LOCK products are related to Reliable & Secure Bolting Solutions in various industries as energy , transportation, offshore, mining , construction , bridge building, manufacturing , processing, ship building, heavy vehicles , Power Generation , Hydro Power Applications , Mining process, Steel mills, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Gas compression ect. We partner with Nord-Lock Group for Nord-Lock Wedge Locking Washers (Sweden) , Superbolt™ Multi Jackbolt tensioner (USA)  - Mechanical Tensioning and BOLTIGHT Hydraulic Tensioner (UK)  - Hydraulic Tensioning.

Besides selling the products, we assist our customers to solving their technical problems (Joints analysis, Preload/Torque calculations & etc.).

Please contact us today , we hope will deliver cost –effective solutions for all your application in secure bolting.

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