Pumps are an essential element of your production process. A faulty pump will often lead to a reduction in production capacity or even production downtime and can have a major impact on costs and overall performance.  We can dramatically improve customers’ pump reliability and running issues when carrying out one of it’s pump maintenance programs combining a series of regular detailed inspections with best practice repair facilities to carry out rework when it is necessary.

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We carry out pump maintenance activities at a wide range of industries including food manufacturing, power stations, chemical and petrochemical processing as well as facilities management and waste and recycling plants. We  offers many  services including:

Industrial pump installation and removal

Your pumping systems are one for the most important investments you will make sure they are properly installed the first time by trained technicians professionals is an important step.

We guarantee that your system is correctly installed and removaled and is performing with maximum efficiency. For your convenience we offer service contracts, giving you a little extra freedom to focus on your business.

Pump repair & maintenance services

Our teams of highly skilled Repair & Maintenance service technicians can resolve any pump problem you may have. With unbeatable professional industry and application know-how, we ensure your system stays up and running, so you get a little extra performance out of every pump.

Pump Alignment Services

During operation, all pumps withstand vibrations caused by the revolutions of the pumping mechanism. As a result, as time goes by slight deficiencies occur due to the heavy rotational forces being used on the pumping mechanism. Keeping these units perfectly aligned can mean the difference between optimal pump longevity and thousands of dollars in down time for repairs.

Pump alignment means that the centerline of the pump is aligned with the centerline of the driver. Although this alignment was always a consideration with packed pumps, it is critical with sealed pumps especially if you are using rotating seal designs where the springs or bellows rotates with the shaft.

If you currently own pumping systems that are in need of maintenance, why not give us a call. We are not only repair or refurbish your current system, but also ensure that the pump has been properly aligned.

On-Site Pump Repair and Maintenance

INPATECH is also a full service onsite services provider for your pump. Our commitment to service means we will go where the work .

We have trained installation engineer present can make l the difference between an easy installation and long-term downtime. INPATECH  offers many onsite services including:

  • Pump installation
  • Pump removal
  • Pump alignment services
  • Pump troubleshooting
  • Pump maintenance
  • Pump impeller replacement
  • Pump seal replacement
  • Pump overhaul
  • On site bearing changes
  • Complete stop based maintenance